A creative entrepreneur through and through, I started my first business in 2001. I’ve sold dog clothing, high fashion accessories and feather eyelashes. I’ve even taught hoola hooping.

Apart from teaching both yoga and standup paddling, I felt. I began creating felt sculptures in 2009. I now create life sized owls and miniature birds to delight people of all ages. Wanting to share, I teach my techniques, both beginner and advanced online.

I pull inspiration for all my creative endeavors from my surroundings. I’ve lived in the woods, chopping firewood and growing my own food; I’ve lived off-grid; and most imaginatively, I’ve lived in a converted school bus.

Someday, I’ll raise happy alpacas and sheep out in the mountains of BC, Canada. Their fibers will flow beneath my fingers, and masterpieces will come to life. From my desk overlooking the fields, I’ll teach courses to those yearning for more joy in their lives.

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