Chakra Hearts Mini Felting Course





In this mini course we’ll make 7 beautiful rainbow hearts, one for each chakra, out of soft, natural wool as we learn the art of needle felting together! Felting, or needle felting, is the art of creating small sculptures with wool. With colorful materials at your fingertips, felting will inspire that creative being deep inside of you to play.

Included in this mini course are instructional videos to follow along with and downloadable/printable worksheets to challenge your creativity along the way.

Your seven rainbow hearts will be so much more than just small creations to hang or gift. This beginner felting course will explore our Chakra system. There are seven Chakras in our bodies, and similar to creative expression, they are our pathways to wellness and balance.




To get started, watch the three instructional videos on needle felting a heart, and then click on the “CHAKRA ONE: ROOT (Muladhara)” funsheet below to download or print your first of seven lessons. With each funsheet, you will create a corresponding colored heart. If you need assistance, please send an email to Jen at



Download your funsheets below, and create a corresponding colored heart with each.


Thank you so much for jumping in!

I really hope that you had fun with this course and that I’ll see in other Felt Me Now online felting courses. Please do tag me if you decide to share your work from this course on social media. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram!


This is just the beginning… The feltabilities are endless!